Tonal Tweed Jade
Tonal Tweed Major Brown
Tonal Tweed Jet
Tonal Tweed Dove
Twist Vanilla
Twist Earl Grey
Twist Ivory
Twist Licorice
Twist Chocolate
Twist Expresso
Lotus Sand
Lotus Ivory
Lotus Rain
Lotus Grey
Lotus Ash
Lotus Charcoal.
Gary Wedgewood
Gary Linen
Gary Denim
Gary Celery
Gary Basil
Gary Driftwood
Gary Walnut
Gary Terra Cotta
Meridian Coconut
Meridian Rain
Meridian Mineral
Meridian Earth
Meridian Brownstone
Meridian Bluestone
Meridian Flagstone
Meridian Linen
Meridian Sesame
Meridian Julep
Meridian Redwood
Meridian Nutmeg.
Meridian Fireglow
Meridian Spice

Steven Anthony's 22,000 sq ft facility is located just east of Los Angeles. His skilled and experienced workforce allow him to produce quality custom upholstery with reasonable lead times. Steven Anthony is committed to providing beautifully manufactured products that are reasonably priced and adhere to the highest sustainability standards. Steven Anthony has hundreds of styles and every piece in the line can be customized. Steven Anthony can also build t our clients specifications. All items are made on site and are labeled MADE IN THE USA.